Kinder Than the Day ~ William Taylor Jr

I was walking to work
and at the corner
of Turk and Hyde
I saw a woman
laid out
upon the sidewalk,
her face against the sky,

discarded by god
or someone.

Her eyes were closed,
her mouth open,
and I couldn’t see
if she was breathing.

She was just skin
and bone,
covered with
the festering lesions
of a hardcore junkie.

She could’ve been fifty
or she could’ve been twenty.

No one deemed her
worth more than
a cursory glance.

She was a fallen pigeon,
a pile of shit,
just something else
to step around.

I paused a moment
and considered
trying to wake her,
then decided
that sleep and death
were both kinder
than the day,

and like I said,
I had to get
to work.


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